Konstrox geologists and mining engineers use industry standard geological and mining software packages with facilities to deal with data generated in most other commercial systems. Tools used include but not limited to the following: X10-Geo Vulcan  Gemcom Surpac Datamine Micromine Supervisor Leapfrog Through our experts we can provides independent reviews of quality assurance/quality control procedures in exploration programs including sample collection, preparation and analytical protocols, check assay statistical compilations, and database validation.

We have extensive experience in estimating, auditing, and reviewing Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves using both manual and geostatistical methods. Reports are generated  in compliance with applicable securities regulations, including, NI 43-101 Technical Reports.

We are able to classify Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves according to the definitions published by the main worldwide regulatory bodies – CIM in Canada, PERC in the UK, SAMREC in South Africa, JORC in Australasia, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Mineral Resources are classified into Measured, Indicated, and Inferred categories based upon the density of data and confidence level of the resource estimate. Mineral Reserves are classified into Proven and Probable categories based upon the corresponding resource category and economic mining strategies.

Today mining operations can face a number of challenges from regulatory bodies, communities, and stakeholder groups. If not appropriately overcome, these can manifest as construction delays, operational constraints, or other project setbacks.

We work with our clients to reduce project risks and integrate project design to enhance acceptability to regulators, communities, and lenders. We maintains the technical capabilities to undertake full environmental baseline studies, environmental management plans, environmental and social impact assessments (EIA), social studies, community engagement, and permitting for all types of resource development.

Using a multidisciplinary approach with teams drawn from experienced technical staff supported by experts in specific fields and at various geographic locations, we are able to undertake detailed studies of areas of impacts for new projects throughout the world. 


 Land Reclamation post Mine closure


Mine closure planning is an essential part of the mining activity and should be considered at the outset and reviewed on an on-going basis throughout a mine’s operational life.  Without due consideration during and post mining activities mine operation can face crippling liabilities upon reaching the end of their economic life. We works with our clients to integrate mine closure planning as an ongoing and adaptable component of the mine life cycle. This ensures that upon closure, community impact/liabilities are minimised and the project area is prepared for reclamation activities that will meet end of land use management objectives.

With integrated expertise in site and waste characterisation, Konstrox engineering design, impact and risk assessment, and construction combines to develop appropriate closure plans for new and existing mining operations that are compatible with the surrounding environment. Our engineering design and construction experience provides the expertise for accurate reclamation cost estimating and establishing appropriate funded mine closure.